Helping Singles Personal Growth & Development

“Give individuals the means of understanding their true selves and they will discover their purpose for a day.
But, teach them the tools and strategies to provide them great understanding every day and they will experience a connection with themselves and those they care most about … not just for one day but for their lifetime.”

Singles Seeking Resources & Strategies For Personal Growth


As individuals, we are filled up with concepts from day one.

Our parents and teachers are very quick to impart their versions of reality on us … and we just soak it up.

However, the problem is that, OFTEN, the versions of reality imparted on us don’t align with our own. In other words, what others want us to do just doesn’t align with us; it doesn’t feel good.

Even as we grow into adults, our conditioning is running the show.


"I don't want to tell people how I'm really feeling ... that would be too much ... what if they reject me?"


"I better just act in a way that makes my friends and family feel comfortable ... I don't want to push any buttons."


"I better be happy ... because I'm actually worried about what they will think if they see I'm not ..."


"I should do this ..."

There’s so much of this… it exists in every single one of us. It’s super challenging; it’s not easy at all.

But there comes a time when we have to start living for ourselves. There comes a time when we have to say, ” this is me, here I am, not hiding, vulnerable.”

We knew this as kids. We were so connected to ourselves back then. We had confidence, we had belief, we had purpose. And now it’s just a matter of getting back there … to re-establish what was ours in the beginning.

Before we can become the mature and fully engaged adult we know we can be,
we must first learn about ourselves, and how to make our world a place we choose to live in.

Our Purpose for Singles

To work with individuals, helping them grow and realise their true potential, becoming their true, natural selves and a valuable partner for others.

To create a legacy for singles … the opportunity for individuals to grow and share and be a model for others to follow, as they seek to realise their own potential.


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