Helping To Create A Home/Work Balance

“Work is a “fact of life” for most. A great home life is a challenge for too many, because their work “gets in the way”. Feeling undervalued at work (or at school) translates to disharmony at home. Losing trust in someone in a personal setting can easily influence how we trust others at work, causing under-performance and dis-satisfaction.

Being engaged at home and at work, and creating an effective bridge between the two, is a fundamental building block of good relationships, both in the home and at work.

We can have both, and we can help those we care most about have the same. It is balancing act, but the personal and professional rewards are outstanding and life-changing.”


Most of us go to work each day … It’s the place we go to so we can earn enough to live, to eat, to have a holiday, to just enjoy life, whether by ourselves, with friends, partner or family. It is a part of our life, and it takes up quite a large bit of our life.

Even more if you own your own business.

Why can it be such a large cause of disruption at home … and at work?

In the mornings we leave for work, taking with us personal issues such as:


Personal Problems. A disagreement with “the other half”, financial concerns and so on.


When work is over we come home … bringing with us all the dramas of the day.


While we are work, the pressures mount – the boss wants it done now … that team member is causing stress for others, again.


At night others in our personal life want our attention … but how about some peace and quiet … please.


Do I really have to think about that again, right now … all I want is tea, TV and a chance to chill out … what a day.

And this goes on in relationships across the country, every day, every week … and yet what do we do about it?

We put up with it. After all, it is just a part of our everyday life … isn’t it? And, don’t forget, for most of us we spend about as much time with our workmates each day as we do with our partners / families.

As friends, partners and family members, before home life can take a front seat:

Work must be a place of enjoyment and success.

Being happy and productive at home and work must come from a place of satisfaction … with home and with work

As business owners and team leaders, before business can improve we must first have our people in the right:

Employees need to feel positioned such that they can feel a sense of accomplishment … to be productive.

We all require a strong and positive frame of mind in order to cope with the pressures of work … creating a satisfactory balance between home and work.

Appreciate the need for a mindset that can support personal well-being as well as that of those in the workplace … a future where neither work nor home concerns rule.

Before we can be content at work, and in a position to enjoy our partners, friends and families and for the true value they give to us we must first accept and appreciate our value to others, and the trust others place in us as reliable and caring members of society.


Success at home, work and play starts with us, and grows externally to surround those we care most about.


It grows through learning, awareness, acceptance and commitment … to self and others.



To support those who would otherwise continue to struggle with having to deal with conflicting home / work pressures.


To help all individuals regardless of personal environment experience a harmonious connection between home and work, and with those they connect with on a daily basis.


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