Here’s a Handful Of Questions We Hear All Too Often

Frequently Asked Questions

I have previously completed a Talent / Wealth Dynamics Profile Test. Do I need to do it all again, or is there an upgrade I can consider?

If you have done your test in the last 12 months or so, an upgrade could be the best option for you to consider. If it was completed earlier than this, you may find great benefit in doing the test again and receiving all the latest reports.

What exactly is an “upgrade”, and how will I know if it is right for me?

An upgrade is an additional report, known as a “Companion Report”. It goes much further in explaining your profile and how it applies in all areas of your life. As an “add on” to your original Talent / Wealth Dynamics Report, you have access to all the material available in the new Relationship Dynamics Profile Test. Please visit our Contact Us page to arrange a confidential chat as to whether this option is right for you.

Which Profile Test should I choose – Singles, Couples or Families? I seem to fit into them all.

A good question, and one many ask. The answer is based around your current situation. If you have a family, then a Families one would suit best. If you are in a relationship (or perhaps considering it), whether married, defacto, or simply as partners, then the Couples one would suit you well. If you are someone looking to understand themselves better and be the best person they can, regardless of whether or not you are in any relationship, then the Singles one would be suitable. It comes down to your needs at this point in time, remembering we are all individuals, just in differing situations at any point in time. If you are still unsure, please get in touch with us for a personal chat via our Contact Us page.

Once I have completed my profile test what options are available for me to put this newfound knowledge to good use?

Our “About our Programs” page has an overview of the steps you can take along your personalised pathway to enhanced living, with a large selection of programs and workshops designed to meet the needs of singles, couples and families.

Does my relationship have to be “broken” and / or dysfunctional to make the best use of the programs here?

Indeed not, although we most certainly do work with those in need of help at various levels. We will help you create the best life possible through connection and engagement.

We feel we might be a little too old and set in our ways to benefit from the programs available here. Should we just accept our personal situation?

None of us are ever too old or too set in our ways to learn and grow. We learn and grow right into ripe old age. You can get what you seek.

Are all the programs and resources just for “grownups” or are there some for kids as well?

We are in the process of implementing a number of specific programs, including a “kids” profile test for young people from the age of four up. Please contact us via the Contact Us page for more information.

It is hard for us to attend programs and events due to time and financial constraints. Can we access and utilise programs of interest to us in any other way?

Yes. Our programs are available online / via Skype (or similar) or in downloadable format to support individuals, couples and families such as yourselves … anywhere in the world.

We are very keen to understand more about relationships. Where we can we find resources that will help us with this, knowing we do intend to grow a family in time?

We recommend you visit our About our Programs page to learn more about programs and more that may benefit you greatly in the areas you are focused on. In addition, we encourage you to contact us for a chat about how we can best support you as you move forward along your pathway of growth and development.

All your programs sound very inviting, but I would love to be able to devote time to my self-development and that of those closest to me. Are there any extended programs that I could consider?

Yes, Relationship Dynamics Global has developed (and will continue to develop) a number of retreats in a range of exotic and exciting locations, all designed to offer participants time away from everyday life to look inwards and grow. Keep an eye out for the next retreat on our About Our Programs page.

We don’t live in Australia, so are we able to access and / or attend events that you offer?

Absolutely. In fact, most of our programs are available online / via Skype (or similar) or as downloadable resources for people just like you. And, for access to face to face programs in your part of the world please check our list of available consultants to see who can connect with you and help you achieve success.

I like what I see on your website, but my real concern right now is that I seem to be side-tracked at work with issues worrying me at home, and worse, then coming home at nights bringing the dramas of the day with me, with obvious results for those I care most about.

This is a more common “problem” than most realise. We help you ease the “pain” of having to deal with the ongoing juggling of home at work / work at home issues we all face from time to time.

My problem right now is not so much “personal” but more so one of getting my team at work to get along together better so we can see greater workplace harmony and productivity. Do you offer support in this area of relationships?

Absolutely. Relationships at work are such a vital element for management and business owners to deal with. When work teams are “in flow” this has a knock-on effect on the organisation’s productivity and public image. We work organisations big and small towards creating vibrant and harmonious teams.

Does Relationship Dynamics Global offer a membership site, webinars and the like to allow people to share stories, seek solutions and offer support to each other … like a “community”?

Yes, at present there is a closed Facebook group “Singles, couples and families connecting across Generations” accessible to everyone who has joined our community via attendance at any of our programs or purchased any of our products. And, a membership site is not far away too.

I am very much interested in what you are doing to help people enhance their lives. I also love to help people, so is there a way that I can share your work and coach others using your programs and resources?

Yes, we train individuals who wish to be part of our community to become Relationship Dynamics Consultants and Executive Coaches to enable them to work with their clients in their own locations. As this is a global business initiative, there are no restrictions as to where you may choose to live and operate in. And, we provide full training and resources for you on an ongoing basis. Please visit our Work with Us or Contact Us pages to touch base with us and see whether this is right for you.


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