Helping Families Grow Together In A Harmonious & Loving Environment

“Give parents and grandparents the means of providing their children with a good experience and they will connect with their kids for a day. But, teach them the tools and strategies to provide their children with a great experience every day and they will experience connection as a family … not just for one day but for their lifetime.

In so doing we, as a society, are paying forward to our future generations”.

Does this describe you?


Are you a parent trying to give your family the best chance in life?


Maybe you are a grandparent, with little (or not enough) time or opportunity to be with your family?


Are you a teenager trying to work out “what planet your parents came from”?


Are you part of a broken family and someone hurt in the aftermath?


Are you now (or becoming part of) a blended family, trying to come to terms with new relationships?

These are issues facing families in society right now. And, it is getting worse, not better. In fact, many families worldwide are “losing” the essence of what family means.

Here’s the real problem we are all facing today

We have an entire generation of children growing up who can actually learn so much more from their grandparents and their parents working together.

We have an entire generation of parents who are doing the best they can with the knowledge, skills and resources available to them towards supporting both their children and their own parents as they get older.

We have an entire generation of grandparents growing up or getting older who would love to give more value to their children and grandchildren, but don’t always know the best way to do it.

Family is the essence of our society, our way of thinking, our heritage. If you want a great family life now, and for your kids in the future, the buck stops with you. Relationship Dynamics Global has put together some powerful tools and programs that WILL make a difference in your life, regardless of where you are right now.

Before we can teach our children to grow and become responsible, mature and fully engaged adults,
parents and grandparents, we must first learn about what that means for ourselves.

Our Purpose for Families

To work with parents and their families, helping them grow and realise their true potential…to help families in need, and support those simply wanting to be better.

To create legacies for families … the opportunity to develop something that will carry forward, where parents and children can grow as one; where these children will be better equipped to pay forward to the next generation in the same manner … to be, in time, great parents for their own, yet unborn, children.


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