Helping Couples With Connection & Growth

So much “faith” is placed by individuals in the belief that a soulmate exists for each of us, and the dream is to find that person to ensure the “perfect relationship”. A Soulmate is the product of a grounded relationship, one based on a foundation of friendship.

As we learn about our partner, we become immersed in how they think and act, and we learn how to best communicate and engage with them. This is the essence of a relationship. The popularised version of “love” is based on the physical, rather than the emotional, mental and spiritual. Physical love is not romance, it doesn’t move forward in time as the essence of a strong relationship.

Connectedness, engagement, acceptance and sharing … true friendship … is what builds a life together, and builds Soul-Connection.

Being in a relationship can be tricky business.

Is this relationship going to last longer than the last one?

Why is it my partner just never seems to get me? Am I doing something wrong?

Another argument … really?

I never cease to be amazed at how well we get along. It's like she can read my mind. Will it last?

I can see us being together forever. But what if we lose that “spark? Then what?

These, and many more concerns are what couples everywhere have to deal with every day. And, it is getting worse, not better. With social media, not to mention TV shows, depicting relationships in such “romantic ways” it’s surprising anyone is even game to find, let alone stay with a partner. It’s a minefield!

How do we turn this around? Family is the essence of our society, our way of thinking, our heritage. But it starts out by connecting as a couple. And, the buck stops with you.

It is your responsibility to create and grow your Soul-Connection. Soul-Connection … building a relationship based on passion, intimacy and commitment, takes effort.

Relationship Dynamics Global has put together some powerful tools and programs that WILL make a difference in your life, regardless of where you are right now.

Before we can become responsible, mature and fully engaged individuals within our relationships, we must first learn about what that means for ourselves. Learning involves listening and connecting to those who are:


Older and younger than ourselves.


Enjoying different experiences in life.


Enjoying differing outlooks on the “art” of living.


Exploring varying sexual orientations.

Our Purpose for Couples

To work with couples, helping them grow and realise their true potential; to help couples in need, and support those simply wanting to be better.

To create legacies for couples … the opportunity to develop something that will carry forward, where individuals can grow as one; where couples will be better equipped to pay forward to the next generation in the same manner … to grow, over time, a model that will stand the test of time for future couples.


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