Back To School 2018

Back to school 2018 … are your children ready for it?

As an experienced mother of 2 for over 35 years and a grandmother (nonna) of 3 beautiful boys from 4 years to 11 years, I know what it is like to have children either go back to school after the Christmas holidays or start school for the first time.

We, as parents, will always want to see our children receive the best education whether at school, at home or through an external learning organisation.

Just something to think about…

Q1. Have you been ripping your hair out trying to keep your kids, and maybe other kids, amused over the school holidays, and cannot wait for them to go back to school?  

Q2. Are you a person who loves having your kids around and it is a breeze to have them at home?

Q3. Do you know your kids well enough to be able to identify their natural behaviour …or their “genius” is?

Q4. Do you tell your kids what they should be doing instead of letting them dream and imagine freely what they would love to do?

There is no right or wrong answer, and I am not saying that we should spoil our children, but each family is different, everyone’s parenting skills are different, each child is different.

I always loved having my kids around me all the time. We did not have day care or after-school care like we do today.  I found that for my children to be happy every day at home, I had to spend time with them, keep them amused, play with them. There was no time for me and when you sign up for parenthood there is no rule book or instruction book to follow.

We as parents, need to spend time with our kids, not just go and buy toys to keep them occupied so they can play by themselves, although some like to be left alone at times. But there are some that look for companionship and want to be with someone to nurture them and love them. Is this your child?

I minded a neighbour’s boy for an hour over the holidays. Let me say up front, he is an only child and is a very active boy, if you know what I mean, and he is given everything to keep him quiet and out of his mother’s way. When in our house he wanted to touch this and that and do that; he had not seen the normal things that most families had.

I said, “how about we play with some toys and games that our grandchildren play with”. So, I sat down and showed him my grandson’s cars and parking stations and this and that. Well, I would not believe it, he was thoroughly enjoying himself and getting excited about what he was doing and wanted to stay and play for longer.

He had not played with simple old fashion toys before. In actual fact, some of these toys belonged to my children when they were young.

What I found most of all? He was content that he had someone spending some time with him and ‘playing’ with him. And, he was playing with normal toys for his age, not grown up electronic toys.

May I also say, he was so well behaved … because no one was yelling at him.   

So, what I am trying to say is that we need to listen to what a child is seeking … and saying. This boy was seeking discipline, believe it or not, direction and an opportunity to discover who he is as a 6-year-old.  

We as parents need to know our children. Really know them (and ourselves) … who they really are. We need to identify their natural gifts and talents (yes, they have them at birth), and allow them to explore them in a safe and supportive environment.

To help your child or grandchild achieve the best they can be, and help them discover their natural gifts and talents, it is best to start with their education first.

I had learnt the hard and long way. No one told me, “this is how you bring your child up to be the best they can be”. My two children, now adults, are totally different and opposite to each other, but they have always looked after each other and now do the same to their children. I am so proud of my daughter and son.

You know the saying, “monkey see, monkey do”. Well, we all know that our children model, ie say and do what they hear and see from their parents. And then the parents say to the child, don’t say that, don’t do that.

We cannot teach our children unless the parents understand who they are first.

We at Relationship Dynamics Global will teach you, as parents and grandparents, the strategies and pathways to follow to provide your children with a great experience through connection as a family for a lifetime.

Don’t leave it until your child has left school or starts their own family to realise time has been wasted on their pathway.

Take action today to make your life easier, your family’s life easier and everyone’s life journey more enjoyable and rewarding.


Each child is different

Each child is special

Each child is beautiful

Each child is naturally gifted and talented

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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