Are You In The Right Job?

Are You In The Right Job?

From a very early age, we look forward to getting a job to earn some money to spend on something that we need or want.

Some of us have dreams of what jobs we like to do, but do we really know what we would love to do, what are we passionate about. Some younger children want to be a police officer or a fireman when they grow up because that is what they see as good role models. Some just want to be a super athlete and some just want to stay at home and raise a family.  A child is born with natural talents and gifts, but a lot of the time external influences squash their dreams.

My grandparents would not allow my mother to follow her dreams. As a teenager, my parents would not allow me to follow my dreams. So, this mentality went from generation to generation. I had no idea what I wanted to do after my dreams were quashed. With this in mind, I made sure that my children followed their dreams in everything they wanted to achieve.

From a very early age we look forward to getting a job to earn some money to spend on something that we need or want.

All the jobs I had since leaving school were to earn money to survive and nothing else, these were not my dream jobs. I found it hard starting new jobs and learning all new skills to keep up with the times. I was, and still am, a very slow learner. Certain parts of these jobs I loved, like serving clients, looking after employees and overseas delegates, and I loved to talk to people all day, nurture them and make sure that their needs were met. This part of my job was a no-brainer and it came naturally to me.

Jeff, on the other hand, started off working as a teacher, and then in the bank for a short while, following his father’s footsteps. Then Jeff returned to teaching and taught at high schools for many years, including one very prominent private school, but found that this was not his passion. While teaching, he had many ideas and created new programs, but where to from there? Creating for someone else, who didn’t appreciate his work, soon became very disappointing. He started to do a lot of writing and now I cannot get him out of the office. To sit in the office and create stories for magazines, create new learning programs and so on was a no-brainer and was so natural for Jeff.

So, where is this leading to? Jeff and I both have found our passion and what we love to do. It would be extremely hard to go back to work for someone else.

Today the workplace is a major part of everyone’s lives where most of us have to go so we can earn enough money to live, eat, raise a family, have a holiday, or to just have a better lifestyle. Working takes up quite a large bit of our life and we take it for granted that we have to work hard at any job that is thrown at us.

In the mornings we leave for work, taking with us family issues such as an argument with the kids, school problems, a disagreement with “the other half”, financial concerns and so on. Some of you can identify with this. But worse, when work is over we come home … bringing with us all the dramas of the day at work.

We dream of the “perfect life” but allow ourselves to be controlled by factors that actually can be in our control, should we choose.

What happens next? Yes, lessened interaction in the home and at work. It goes on in relationships across the country, every day, every week … and yet what do we do about it? Correct … we put up with it. After all, it is just a part of our everyday life … isn’t it? And, don’t forget, for most of us we spend about as much time with our workmates each day as we do with our partners/families. Do we have a choice…? Yes, we do.

So, what I have experienced in my last full-time employment was a lot of absenteeism, bullying, and most importantly a large turnover of staff or retention issues, to name a few.  “Why is this so”? Are these people in their dream job, and how can this be tested? Most of these people only went to work to earn a living, not for the enjoyment.

If we are having problems at work, we bring our issues home causing disruption, disconnection and, most importantly, there is simply no engagement. You see, what many forget (or choose to forget) is that it is very near impossible to separate the two … home and work.

Jeff and I acknowledge a disconnection between family members and work colleagues is very real for far too many people, and we also appreciate this doesn’t have to be the “norm”. We see balancing home and work is an ongoing challenge, and too many of us choose to turn our backs on what we could have rather than pursue that we can have.

So, in the workplace, it is beneficial for management to implement new strategies and tools to motivate staff, attract the right employees into the organisation and simply just make the work environment enjoyable for everyone.  Then you can see productivity improve dramatically, enhanced harmony will significantly increase while absenteeism will be noticeably reduced. Everyone is happy … employees, team leaders, management, clients … even those in our personal relationships.

Being happy and productive at work must come from a place of satisfaction before home life can take a front seat. Work needs to be a place of enjoyment, fulfilment and success if we are going to be in a position to return home each night full of positivity and happiness.

We dream of the “perfect life” but allow ourselves to be controlled by factors that actually can be in our control, should we choose.

So, follow your dreams and passions. Look to improving your engagement and connection and your passion to achieve success and satisfaction in your job, something that will leave you feeling fulfilled the rest of your life.  

No matter what age you are, or what stage in your work life you are at, you can still find your dream life, at work, play or home, and be part of a greater environment where everyone is connected and engaged at a meaningful and purposeful level.


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