Creating & Delivering Programs & Workshops That Make A Real Difference in People’s Lives

Relationship Dynamics Global is committed to creating and delivering programs and workshops that make a real difference in people’s lives.

And, it all starts with a Profile Test. In fact, we encourage all our clients to ensure they first “do their test” to give them a starting point to grow from. We believe that any individual, regardless of whether they are single, in a relationship, or part of a family, cannot make forward progress … unless they know where they are starting from.



Of course, to help you decide whether this is “right” for you, and whether taking your profile test is the right “first step”, we have a number of presentations that introduce the essential themes behind our work.

Profile Reports

Our reports are specifically written to accommodate the different needs of individuals regardless of their stage of life and their community at that time. It is the first “concrete step” along the Relationship Dynamics pathway, and is the foundation upon which all our programs, publications and seminars are built.

Participants may also elect to undertake a 90-minute consultation that takes them on an individual “journey” and establishes pathways for them moving forward in whatever direction they have identified for themselves, whether as an individual or within a relationship / family / community.

Personalised Coaching


Personalised coaching programs are available for those who see a need for more “work” on specific issues concerning them. This may involve working on their profiles as well as addressing any identified personal needs they envisage will help their growth and development.

This might include (but is not restricted to):


Motivation / focus


Time / goal management


Self-belief / confidence / awareness


Life-changing obstacles


Communication and engagement

Coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs, with no lock in contracts and the flexibility to suit your personal time requirements.

Seminars / Webinars


Our seminars / webinars go to the next level in engaging the audience in activities that reinforce the concepts that underpin all our work.

Workshops / Programs


Relationship Dynamics Global prides itself not only on the quality and value provided in every program, but also on the intention to continually seek to update and add programs to accommodate the needs of our clients, past, present and future.

Information on programs currently available face to face (in a workshop environment) or downloadable/online (for those who are time poor or prefer to learn and grow in the privacy of their own home) is made available on our Facebook page. 


Relationship Dynamics Global runs retreats for those wishing to explore their world in even greater depth in exotic locations away from their normal “world” where their attention can remain focused on their personal development. More information about upcoming Retreats an be found on our Facebook page.

Online Membership Community

A place where you can come together to learn and share while still in your own home and time.

And, for those looking for more, membership includes invitation to retreats and other “live” events presented from time to time

We encourage you to re-visit this page from time to time to see “what’s new”. This page will always be changing and growing as we continue to meet the needs of those we are honoured to work with.

For the latest information on events happening near you, or online, as well as any new books and other publications being released, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page Relationship Dynamics Global.


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