Find Out More About How Unique You Are

This journey is like baking a cake …

Know Yourself

Gather together the ingredients needed to successfully bake the cake … without the right ingredients the cake will be “a flop”.

Know The Other Person

Bake the cake in the oven and create a beautiful and delicious cake … when the ingredients are right, and the cooking is done well, the outcome is delicious.

Know Who You Surround Yourself With

Spread the icing over the cake to create an amazing finished product … when the ingredients are right, the cake is baked well, icing is the perfect finishing touch for a delight for all to enjoy.

the ingredients = the individual… the cake = those you connect with… the icing = your community… life at home, work and play = your world of relationships

It all starts with your ingredients … your PROFILE … a picture of who you are, and what makes you unique.

The Profile Test is a simple online tool that assesses your:


Values and Behaviors


Strengths and Challenges


Natural Talents and Gifts

This allows a determination of your unique path of least resistance towards achieving “flow”, and a discussion as to what “game” you should / could be playing armed with this knowledge.

Knowing your own value allows you the luxury of concentrating on your strengths whilst allowing others to use their strengths when interacting with you to support you in those areas where you are not so proficient or not so happy to be involved.

The Profile provides you with a roadmap to help you determine your best “path” by identifying strategies and steps to focus on. It will provide insight and clarity about who you really are and your interactions with others.

Relationship Dynamics, and its partnering body Talent Dynamics, has the ability to assist placing people in the “right role”, whether it be in your family, as a couple or even as an individual, at home, at work or even at “play”. In doing so, it can help increase productivity, harmony and positive interactions with others.

On an individual level, the Profile will assist you find you true value and suggest how to be of value to others effectively.

“Your value is like a smile, it’s not worth anything until it’s given away” (Michelle Clarke, Co-Founder Talent Dynamics). Knowing your profile allows you to give value to others effectively and continuously.

Your profile will provide insight into how you best communicate with other profile types you will encounter on a daily basis, allowing others to feel connected to you and able to clearly understand the meaning of your message, making it a very powerful communication tool in your private and work life.

Knowing and applying your profile is a very powerful strategy to employ cross all environments you may engage in.

What you will Discover in your Profile Report?


Your balance of energy and understanding of why you do what you do


The most natural activities you should focus on to be at your best


What gets you into Flow … being at your best


Role models who share your profile that you can learn from


Your strengths & challenges


Your leadership style and best way for you to lead


The best and worst activities for you in all aspects of your life


How to take even small amounts of value and get it into the hands of many


What your distractions are and what your opportunities are


The best and worst activities for you in your relationships (singles / couples / families)


How to channel your strengths in a way that your world responds favourably to


How to diminish or delegate activities that for you would destroy trust and flow

You can also access a “group profile” based on the summarised individual profiles of those you interact with on a regular basis. This will assist in assessing where the gaps that need attention are, the types of profiles necessary for specific functions and roles within your environment to ensure a successful forward direction.

The profiling tools are extremely useful in identifying the best way to engage with yourself and others, what language to use on whom (including yourself) and when, and particularly how to get the best out of yourself and every person you associate with, while they are also enjoying it.

What is Our Profiling Based on?

A trait of modern man is that we like to take credit for new inventions, but psychometric tests go back 5,000 years. Today’s entire psychometric testing industry is based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, and his book Psychological Types published in 1921. Jung was the understudy of Sigmund Freud until he broke off with his own theories of psychology. If you have ever heard of the concept of archetypes, synchronicity or the collective unconscious, these are all terms popularized by Carl Jung (as are the Jungian psychometry terms of introvert / extrovert, and sensory / intuitive).

Where did Jung’s information come from? In 1920, a year before he published ‘Psychological Types”, Carl Jung was the first in the west to publish the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching (The book of Changes, said by the Chinese to be the oldest book of humanity, written in 3,000 BC). Richard Wilhelm, who brought the text back from China, explained to Jung the intricacies of the Chinese five elements which are the basis of Chinese Taoist philosophy and the nature of all things (WATER grows WOOD that fuels FIRE that settles to EARTH which mines METAL that flows back to WATER).

The structure of the five elements and the ‘Yin’ / ‘Yang’ model of the I Ching Philosophy are the underpinnings for all modern psychometric testing. The Talent Dynamics system is the only one of the modern systems that goes right back to the roots of where modern psychometric testing comes from, to the primary purpose that the ancient Chinese had within the I Ching.

This primary purpose is for us to find our flow. When we are connected to our flow, we are following our personal path of least resistance, when things come naturally, and synchronicity occurs. This is a far deeper notion than simply having preferences, behaviours or even strengths. At the core of all mastery, we know that when we tune into the world, the world also tunes in to us. By synchronizing everyone’s flow into one harmony magic occurs.

The profiling reports are just the first step. For those wishing to really make a difference in their personal lives, whether as an individual, a couple or within a family, there are more advanced assessment tools available and a series of specifically targeted workshops and programs that focus specifically on improved performance across all areas.


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